Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary Les & Kristen,

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy Birthday

Thoughts, December 14th is my birthday. I am blessed and thankful to see another year. Some of my friends called and wanted to know what I was planning for my special day. Well .....nothing that I can really think of. Actually today, I am feeling rather drained and I am fighting a cold or something that one minute I feel ok and the next well..... yuk or yukkie IS that a real word?. You see I just moved back into the house that burned approximately a year ago. Everything is not 100% but for the most part the house was ready enough to get a CO. Packing up two houses is never really a joy but somehow it happened. Many times during the whole process, I tried to think of this whole rebuilding process as planning an event ( you know we think of something that is fun) when we really don't want to do something or would rather be doing something else. Well the fun lasted for a short period and then it became a pain in the u know what. Now I hope I don't sound too blah.....but I am blogging at some unreal time because I took a nap earlier after having some medicine so .... I am wide awake. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me and to all my Saggie Friends. I look forward to next weekend celebrating my good friend's birthday HAPPY Birthday Isis of Posh of Events and to all my other friends and family HAPPY BIRTHDAY Reggie, Nicole, Montez, Wanda, Donna, and LeRoy!!! I know that I forgot someone but HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL THE DECEMBER BABIES! AS of TODAY.....there are only 11 more days to Christmas. So I will celebrate today and for the rest of the holiday season!!! As soon as I get rid of this cold.. ...Gonna Party LIKE IT"S !1999