Monday, April 28, 2008

Ooo LA LA!

Just the thought of Paris evokes feelings of romance. Ok, I am a romantic too. As one of my favorite poets Kahlil Gibran would say "Speak to us of Love.' 'When love beckons to you follow him." I am so excited, I just finished some research about Parisian Weddings. Oh Paris the city of love. Even the language sounds like love. I know I am rambling, no.. no.. I am blogging. Well, this is how it all came about. I was doing a tablescape and of course I needed to (1) either buy everything again or (2) go to the warehouse of some of my nearest and dearest friends. My dear collegue and friend Tuesdi of Soiree Events,Etc lent me her Eiffel Tower.She had recently done a super job with it in designing a "Girls Night Out Theme" in a tablescape for ISES ( International Special Events Society). I absouletly loved it. So I thought I will give it a new twist. I love boas. They are sooo soft and you can design so many things with them. So I wrapped the tower with ribbons and boas. Add some lights and some bling OH LA LA! Now I don't have a picture yet but as soon as I do, I will post it. Hopefully, you can picture this in your mind. Black table linnen with a silvergray runner with this Eiffel Tower which I believe was about 26 inches high. The lights were left on the tower with the boa and ribbon threaded through it. Always go for the bling. The lights reflected the ribbon and the boas. In the middle of the tower a few more lights were added with roses. The effect was unique and different. Now if you are solid in tradition, maybe this is not for you, and all roses would be a better bet. But if you are planning a Parisian Themed Wedding, why not the Eiffel Tower. Go for the bling! Ballard designs carries some really cool mini Eiffel Towers which you could easily add to your tablescape or could be used as a favor.

But if you feeling very eclectic- try the black wedding gown or a black and white version. The little black dress took a whole new meaning and is reported as the wedding dress of choice by couture designers like Max Chaoul. I am so French inspired tonight ~ When planning your wedding or event, always let your personality shine with alittle dazzle, and alittle glam. Add a little tradition with a little glam. Oooo ..La La!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Starting Over

It probably does not shock you that my website is about planning events/party planning. I am starting this blog as the rebirth of B DAZ'zle. I hope to give my readers some insight about me, as well as information about event planning, and planning ideas for a simply wonderful event. First, let me tell you how I came up with the name B DAZ'zle. I believe that a really good party/event should spotlight your personality, awe your guests, and leave you and others with fond impressions for many, many days. The definition of dazzle is to (1). bewilder, amaze, or impress with a spectular display. (2) to inspire admiration or wonder. That's not my definition but Webster's II New College Dictionary. Therefore B (for me) DAZ'..zle. Then comes the question, "Why are you starting over?" Although, I have not lost a beat- many thanks to my wonderful friends and colleagues. You will hear lots about them in future blogs. I had a house fire on 11/7/07. Maybe it's my lucky number (Crazy Sag)! Anyway, the whole house burned from the basement to the attic. My home-based business, portfolios, event supplies, family history, my life (UP IN SMOKE)! I am so thankful, but I am so human. I cried for days and days, sometimes I still cry. My family was safe and so was I. The agony which results from a fire is like no other event in life. Talk about needing your faith, and ability to organize when you need to put everything back together again. My family and friends are my jewels. Each bejeweled in their own special way! I cannot even begin to tell you guys how much I Love You! Life goes on. Each Day Is The First Day of the Rest of Your Life! Celebrate Life! Live Your Dream! Sometimes we as event planners plan the most Awesome Events, sometimes Events just happen! Starting Over, If life is a party, Let's give B DAZ'zle to Life. I have plenty to say, about event/party planning; about life. Thank-you for spending sometime with me and welcome to my blog.