Friday, October 17, 2008

It's So Pink!

While I was thinking of pink, these are some designs from a recent wedding, in which the bride's favorite color was ......... YOU GUESSED IT........ PINK! Design Tips: Custom Asile Runner- Measure the length and width of the asile. In this case, I only did the center asile for effect. The circle which was placed in the center, was removed later which will be framed as a memory from the wedding. WOW! Low Budget Floral- I do love florals but many times, the budget does not allow for extensive florals. For this wedding various vases were filled with deco beads, led lights were added for more effect. Candles were placed on each table with the various height vases. The room looked wonderful. Hope to share more pictures soon from so pretty in pink.

Brides Who Make A Difference.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This blog is dedicated to my friends/sisters who are breast cancer survivors. I recall a prayer chain when we found out that one of my dear friends had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Today, she is healthy and still going strong. And then there was another friend, and another. Breast Cancer affects the lives of one in eight women. Although women are at a higher risk, men too can be affected by breast cancer. The focus of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month is to increase awareness, share information and provide screening services to individuals. It is estimated nearly 200,000 women will be diagnosed this year with breast cancer. Many of these women will be between the ages of 15-54 years old.
In going through my October folder, I found a pamphlet Making Memories. The Making Memories Breast Cancer Foundation is a non-profit organization which 1. which aids terminally ill breast cancer patients with a memory making wish; 2 increase awareness and educate the public about breast cancer awareness. Some of the various events listed are Brides Against Breast Cancer, Diamonds for Dreams, Pink Envelope Project and Nationwide Quilt Contest. You can find Making Memories on line at Early breast cancer usually does not cause symptoms. Stay informed, get a mammogram screening every year for all women age 40, and older and every 1-2 years for women under 40.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Time Goes By

I'm back!!!! I cann't believe that it's been so long since I last posted. When my 11 year old said to me, the summer goes by too quickly, I thought it isn't just me thinking that Time Goes By TOO QUICKLY. Well, I am going to try to catch up and in the next few posts let you hear about some of the happenings from the summer. When I started this blog, I initially told you about my house that burned on 11/7/07. To date, I am still not back in the house but hope to move back in a few weeks. I do not watch alot of TV, but recently watched the show "SAY YES TO THE DRESS" If you have not seen it, it's about BRIDES who cann't make up their mind about which wedding dress to pick. The one particular episode that I watched ,the dress the bride picked out from her picture was totally not her style, and the other was way over budget. Well, I kinda compared myself to picking things out for the house to this show. Now, I can plan parties, custom designs, weddings and so forth for other folks...........but felt pretty much like a bride in picking cabinets, countertops, mirrors, paints, flooring and so forth. SO I have my notebook, just like a Bride, put my top priorities in order and pretty much picked a neutral color scheme for the whole house. My daughter initially wanted four different colors for her room, and my son who is a big Phillies FAN!! wanted.....of COURSE a Phillies Room. Cann't wait to take pictures to let you see how it turns out. My daughter settled for two shades of pink, and my son is happy with the painters adding a RED stripe around the room. The next few weeks will probably be very busy, but my TO DO LIST includes keeping up with my posts.