Monday, May 26, 2008

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sometimes I Shop!

I love craft stores, shoe stores, clothing stores, furniture stores, flea markets, and all kinds of stores. Yes, you can say that I love to shop or sometimes just browse the asiles of a store. Many times, but not often I don't buy a thing. Sometimes I am just gathering ideas or gathering my thoughts. Now you never know where you are going to get some inspiration! Last week, I was walking around Michael's Craft Store ( really, really love craft stores) and I picked up these wonderful idea cards. Of course, they were Martha Stewart: Crafts. Now if you are short on time, or you don't find it therapeutic as I do, then maybe Idea Cards might not be your thing. If an effort to go green in my house and not pick up too many papers or have too much clutter. I only picked up two of the Idea Cards. One was kid's party ideas and the other mix+match wedding themes. The kids party ideas mainly included crafting paper, food tissue paper, stamps and a craft knife- which if you are doing this as part of the activity for a children's party would need close supervision. Can you see it, a bunch of 10 or 11 year old boys using a craft knife like the joy stick on the Wii. Thoughts only a mother would have. Whew! now that I had that thought,I also thought that the cookie envelope was really cute and simple. This could be used as a craft and/or a favor to end a birthday or any children's party celebration. The paper cone shaped hats were also on this particular Idea Card. Just paper rolled into the shape of an ice cream cone with a few embellisments. Now of course my tween and teen would not be caught dead in a cone shaped hat, but would be more than happy to make and decorate them. The wedding themes caught my eye because I am working with a couple who will be celebrating twenty-five years of martial bliss and the silver and white Print It Yourself invitations seemed really pretty and classy. So there's my inspiration- I am thinking of throwing an end of the year party for my kids, and also have a new budget friendly idea to present to the anniversary couple. You see you never know where you are going to get alittle inspiration.
If you are a DIY take a look at or www.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Top It Your Way

Ok, it's your Day- Your Way because you are the bride. But the cake also gets lots of attention. These custom cake toppers could easily be added to your wedding, anniversary, birthday or graduation party cake. You might even try just using them as part of the decor.

Too Cute

These napkin rings could make a great conversation piece at your next dinner party. You can do them yourself or have your kids do them. They are toilet tissue holders all dressed up. Too cute! If you are a little crafty- try this and other great ideas from

Sunday, May 11, 2008

How Sweet It Is

Mother's Day became an official holiday in 1914. I could not end this evening without giving special thanks for all the wonderful mothers in the world. My parents are deceased but it the foundation provided by my mother that made the person that I am today. I am thankful and I am sure that she continually watches over me. My children and family made this day so special for me. My day started with my daughter making her famous pancakes under the close supervision of her brother. I marveled at the fact they are both growing up so quickly, and had actually joined forces in having a day off from any kind of arguments. We spent time together in church and later enjoyed a wonderful meal prepared by my sister. After enjoying the evening, my oldest sister noticed a present which had not been opened. I opened the bag and removed a card which immediately sang " How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You. I smiled, laughed and moved to the beat of Sweet Love and Devotion. I am sure that everyone thinks that they have the most wonderful kids in the world- but I know that I do. So on this Mother's Day and Everyday- How Sweet It Is..... You saved the best for last! Who knows this might even be a wonderful wedding song.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Wedding Colors

I was looking through a wedding book as I often do and ran across this rhyme about wedding dresses of different colors. Married in white, you have chosen right. Married in green, ashamed to be seen. Married in red, you will wish yourself dead. Married in blue, you will always be true. Married in yellow, ashamed of your fellow. Married in black, you will wish yourself back. Married in pink, your spirits will sink. I married in silver and white- guess they didn't have a word to rhyme with that. What word rhymes with silver anyway??? This rhyme brings me to the thought.... How do you think people come up with the colors for their wedding or event? I remember doing one wedding that the bride's favorite color was green, now this was before Going Green became popular. Initially, I thought GREEN! Each time that I said ALL GREEN, she would respond, but yes that's my favorite color. After talking with her for a while I was able to get her to add some other colors- because I feared her pictures would not look great and years later, she would not appreciate the color choice or me as much for letting her pick only one shade of green. When all the green came together with her other colors, it was really a very pretty wedding. As I think back, I was probably just a pain in the u -know what - when I got married- I wanted everything Purple and Silver. One of my girlfriends later confessed that I was such a pain, because I was only seeing PURPLE. I don't know if purple was my favorite color, but at that time it seemed like such a royal color. It's just something about the Color Purple. Now, how did you actually pick your colors for your wedding or event? Did you have a favorite color or did you use the rhyme?
Tip: Need help finding the right color - Ask Sherwin Williams- Go to a hardware store and pick up some paint swatches. All of the shades are right there on one little card.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

After Marriage

When you are planning a wedding and thinking about the future, children are generally part of the discussion. Sometimes, I think BK (before kids) and now I cann't think of any decision that does not involve my kids, including sharing many of my party planning ideas with them. So as I am writing this, I am thinking --Children are the most precious gift ever, or most times. Tonight my fifth grader is balking at his sister the eighth grader. It seems that their new thing is to start and finish their day with some kind of debate about anything. My solution: maybe they both need to go to bed earlier. I am not sure if it's the weather, or the past six months, but they both are like two grumpies rather than goofies. All things considered they have been wonderful so I guess it's ok for them to be grumpy/goofy. Now just when I thought, that I have some mommy time-out time--Oh no here comes my fourteen year old. One child always would go to bed without a fight and the other would go to bed like clock work. Oh what a night! school will be out soon, it's wedding season, and party time, graduations, proms, etc. Pretty soon, they will be fighting over which one is giving the best opinion for my next design or next event. Gotta Love them. They are precious and much too cute!

Party Planning

If this is how you are feeling or you look each time you plan an event, then you might consider hiring an Event Planner.
Scene I: Big Party
You have been thinking of planning a milestone party for your mother's birthday. Oh my! you think I have plenty of time two months before the party. After checking your calendar for a date to have the party, you notice their is a conflict with the date of your mother's party and a company party which is really necessary for you to attend. Also little Susie has a school function two days before your mother's birthday. Of course you promised to bring the snacks and Susie would never forgive you if you didn't bake her favorite cookies. Back to mom's party. You could call on family members to bring different items and host the event in your backyard. No.. No....that little voice in your head warns you, I really want something special for mom's birthday, to celebrate her 75 years of life. And then you think back, the last time you had a party- your cousin made an awful salad and even the dog refused to eat it. Your husband dropped the camera in the pool. The kids thought the entertainment was awesome with all the guys attempting to fish the camera out of the pool. The last big party was for your dad's Big Day, and you forgot some of his golf buddies; which by the way your mom and dad will never let you forget. I mean how could you forget them- you've known Uncle Jack and Uncle Josh since you were five. Alright... alright enough that little voice tells you in your head. And then another thought appears, you could always call your sister-in-law because she generally handles all the family events. But then you think if you call Mary, she will remind you for a year of all the work that she had to do to pull off the event And of course she will say, "I really did not get to enjoy the event myself." And anyway, the family should give her a medal of honor (which she never lets anyone forget) because she is so great at planning all the family events.
Iam sure you pretty much get the picture. So here are tips for planning any event whether it is a small informal party or a large gala affair.
Choose the date.
If you are using someplace other than your home- secure the venue. If it's wedding , prom or a special day, make sure you secure the date at least a year in advance.
Create a budget.
Create a guest list ( Invite the people that are really important- remember it's your party and your money).
Invitations- make them, evite or buy them already made. Send them out 3-4 weeks prior to your event. If it is a wedding at least 6 weeks or if people are traveling from out of town 8 weeks.
Choose your entertainment ( music, games, or something to help your guests interact with one another.
If you are using a the services of a caterer, or florist make sure they are booked well in advance
Make your menu or discuss options with your caterer
Decorations- can give your party or event that wow effect which leaves a fond memory with your guests for years to come.
Pre-planning is important. Write down the details. And if you still need help HIRE a Professional Event Planner- not your sister-in-law who is the family event planner. A Professional Event Planner can take care of many of the details and responsibilities for your party.