Saturday, February 7, 2009

Home Again

Pictures from the fire 11/11/07
Hi Everybody,
I am going to try this year to blog with a little more consistency than last year. If you followed my blog, 2007-2008 was a year to remember. After 13 months, I finally moved back into my home. I was really worried about my kids moving back into a house that had burned, but actually they were ok. In the true spirit of an Event Planer's kid(s)...they were ready to plan a party even before we moved furniture into the house. Like normal kids, they packed things that we needed and things that we did not need. When packing became a chore, I think that got rid of somethings because it was more trouble to move everything. It hasn't been quite two months, and I am still looking for things. Who knows .. I may never find everything. 2009- Of Course it's going to be a better year! I was just cruising the net as I often do and ran across the saying " Great Events are built on Great Designs. Well that is exactly what I plan to do this year and thereafter- to implement Great Events, Great Designs, Great Themes. I think that I have done almost every kind of social event. In addition to weddings, last year I was hired to plan a funeral for a family that did not live in New Jersey. That was different, but still it was an event. I handled the budget, acquired the majority of the vendors, florist, church, caterer and made sure the set-up, and break down were completed per time line. 2008 also brought many opportunities to use my design skills, floral decor and something which I think is really fun styrofoam decor. Styrofoam decor makes really cool centerpieces. When I wasn't working a wedding of my own, I often worked with one of my fellow planners, because as we know in the Event World- we are all in this together. It takes a Team to make an event seem flawless. One of my most precious memories was the vow renewal ceremony for the couple celebrating 25 years of love. Oh my, because as we all know in the world of Love; that it's easy to fall in LOVE but staying in love through the thick and thin... WELL you know how it goes. I recall my early days of marriage, the planning of the wedding, the wonderful love. And there were other days, Time passes, and of course you are still in love. But then there were some days, that I would pull my wedding albumn out.........some days just to reflect about ummm how/why. But we love anyway.
I can't predict the future, but I am almost sure that we will continue to be B DAZ'zled as all of life's events lead to DAZ'zling Dreams and we will remember dazzling moments.

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